Keeping your data safe
Even on the move

Our Mobile Device Management solution for iOS, Android and Windows allows centralised management so you can keep track of all of your mobile devices and manage them accordingly ensuring that they remain secure and up-to-date.

Never lose a device

Using our system removes the worry of security and lost data on mobile phones as settings can be controlled centrally based and your own custom rules.

You can track devices should they ever become lost or if you just want to ensure that employees have reached their intended location safely. Should a device be stolen it can easily be remotely wiped to remove all data.

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Save employee’s time

Your staff will save time as they no longer need to individually configure each setting on separate mobile phones within your organisation as this is done automatically for you and with reporting available, you can easily see how many devices you have in your estate.

Configure Profiles

– Auto configure WIFI / VPN / Email settings so that user’s automatically connect

– Restrict access to resources as necessary

Device Reporting

– Schedule or run on-demand reports on devices to ensure compliance

– Easily report on which apps are running on which devices

Application management

You can control installed apps, remove them and push new ones out remotely to ensure that staff have access to the systems and information they need instantly.
– Control which applications can be installed and create a custom catalogue for users

– Integration with both Google Play for Work and Apple’s (VPP) system for distribution of apps

– Blacklist apps and prevent their use

– Distribute custom in-house applications

– Audit your app inventory

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Mobile Security

– Enforce Passcode / Thumbprint / Face ID

– Real Time tracking of devices allowing you to protect lone workers

– Remotely wipe devices should they become lost or stolen

Content Management

– Distribute documents to all managed devices

– Configure a repository for documents and restrict sharing

Is losing your devicesomething you could afford?

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