Fast and secure
servers and hosting 

Installation and management of all of your infrastructure and servers allowing you to host your own internal services and systems.

We can host your servers and data within our own datacentre or alternatively choose to host them via a cloud service provider on the internet.  We can advise you of the advantages of each approach and manage the transition for you.

Our promise
of 99% uptime

For systems which we host for you internally, we offer 99.9% uptime meaning your systems will always be available.
Data can be backed up on a schedule of your choice to a secondary datacentre allowing you to restore files should you need to for any reason.

Protected and
for that added level of security 

F4 IT are here to protect your business and ensure that your data is backed up. With extensive experience in all forms of backup, you can rest assured that your data will be protected and reliable.
As our client on a maintenance contract, you will have your data backups checked every working day as well as quarterly testing on bringing your data back. This ensures data integrity, should a restore be needed.

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Server Hosting and Management

– Management, backup and support of your servers either in our dedicated server, on site or cloud hosted
– Windows and Linux server support and configuration

Data Storage & Replication

– Data Backup based on your needs and requirements
– Replicate data to a secondary site
– Disaster recovery planning

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